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Using a

Partner Vet for TNR

The fastest way to get started on your colony is if you are willing to do pay a donation and do the "leg work", i.e. trap and transport the cats to the vet.

silhouette of walking cat

$50 fee

per cat

There will be a $50 tax deductible fee, paid as a donation, since you will be using a vet instead of our spay/neuter clinic

the fee

pays for

  • Spay or neuter surgery

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Distemper vaccine

  • Microchip implant, registered to FFF

  • Ear tip or notch for easy identification

  • Frontline flea treatment application

Need help with
the fee?

find out how to



Partner Vets

Forsyth Veterinary Hospital Logo

Forsyth Veterinary Hospital

2556 S. Stratford Rd.



The Animal Hospital of Lewisville 

6260 Shallowford Road




FFF will not be responsible for charges to any other veterinarians besides those listed above.

FFF will not be responsible for charges to these veterinarians besides without prior approval.

Partner Vets

How it works


  1. Fill out an Application for Assistance Form.  Indicate on the form that you are willing to donate $50 per cat for the spay/neuter/vaccination package. 

  2. Attend a trapping lesson with FFF representative

  3. Make appointment with partner vet, inform FFF representative of date and time

  4. Trap cats the afternoon/evening before the appointment. Do not trap until a plan has been made with FFF representative. 

  5. Transport cats to the partner vet in approved traps, not carriers. 

  6. Only authorized services will be paid for by FFF.  You will be billed for any unauthorized services.

  7. Pay the $50 fee to FFF as a donation, so it will be tax deductible for you.  Do not pay the vet directly.

How it Works
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