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Situation Update 

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We wish we had the ability to help but, at this time,
demand far exceeds our capacity.


Please read all of the below information

We are a small all-volunteer non-profit.

One Sunday per month, we hold a spay and neuter clinic
for community cats with 35 available spaces.

Unfortunately, this month alone, we have had requests for almost 1,400 spaces.

Some other local options you can contact are listed below:

If you are unable to get help elsewhere, please email us on the first of each month to see if any spaces will be available at that month’s clinic. Please do not email us more frequently. More frequent emails will not be answered.

We will be working to add an informational page for doing TNR on your own if you can afford the standard prices at local vets. This page will include where to purchase sturdy traps, a video lesson on how to use them, cat trapping and recovery instructions, and a feral cat surgery protocol to discuss with your vet.


Please check back in the coming weeks to see when this has been added to our website, if this option is one you can afford.


We also receive many inquiries for things we do NOT do. Please take note of these as emails on these
topics will not be answered:


  • We are not an adoption group and do not take in cats or kittens. Please contact the local Humane Society in your county for possible resources.

  • We do not have locations or resources for cat relocation

  • We do not have the resources to do trapping and transporting for you. To participate in the program, you, a friend, a family member, or a neighbor MUST be committed to doing this work yourselves.

  • We do not come trap and remove cats nor do we loan out traps for this purpose

Forgotten Felines of Forsyth

Waiting List

Other Options ...

These two groups hold low cost monthly spay/neuter clinics for community cats.   

We will assist you with traps if you are able to get spaces at their clinics.

FCAP logo

Feral Cat Assistance Program

Operation Catnip Logo

​Operation Catnip

If you are able to make more financial commitment, these options have less waiting.

You will be responsible for making arrangements with the local vet or clinic.

We can work with you by loaning traps/teaching you to trap.

We will also provide you with feral cat protocol 

(i.e. what other services you need, what the vet must do).

Humane Solution Spay-Neuer Program Logo

Humane Solution Spay-Neuter Program


  • Mainly for personal pets
  • Issues a low cost spay/neuter voucher
  • Will do ferals but make sure the vet will work with ferals and that feral cat protocol is followed
  • Ferals must be brought in a humane trap

Central Spay Neuter & Wellness Clinic Logo

Central Spay Neuter & Wellness Clinic

  • Mainly for personal pets

  • Performs low cost spay and neuter

  • You must call the clinic to schedule an appointment

  • Ferals must be brought in humane trap

  • You must ensure that feral cat protocol is followed.

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