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to stay warm & dry


Community cats will seek shelter where they can stay dry and warm. If shelter is not provided to them, often they will seek shelter in areas where they are not welcome, for example in a car motor or under a neighbor's deck.

two barn cats who have taken shelter inside



To reduce the likelihood that a community cat will seek shelter in an inappropriate place, you can provide them with easy-to-construct and relatively inexpensive shelters. 

Other Resources


makers of outdoor cat shelters and feeding stations.  They also sell straw bedding

Cozy Winters

heated cat beds and cat houses, as well as microwaveable pet bed warmers. 


microwave heating pads to tuck into a feral cat house.


If you buy these on amazon, sign up for amazon smile and choose FFF as your charity and raise money for us as you shop!

Urban Cat League

plans for winter cat shelters that you can make and a few ready built ones that you can purchase

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