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Relocation a last resort

It's almost never a good idea to relocate community cats.  Cats are territorial animals.  They form strong bonds with other cats in their colonies and to their surrounding environment.  They map out food and water sources as well as shelter and escape routes from predators. 


When they are suddenly removed from their environment and transplanted to a new, unfamiliar location, they become disoriented and will immediately try to find their way back home.

Sudden relocation is cruel and extremely disorienting for the cats as they are not familiar with food sources or traffic patterns in the new area.  Most cats that are relocated are killed or lost trying to find their way back. 


It is a far better course of action to address and solve the problems that are forcing the cats out of their established home.  Email for help finding solutions. 

Only under extreme circumstances, such as the cats' being in immediate danger, and once all other options have been exhausted, should a cat be relocated.  Relocation must be done in a specific way in order for there to be any chance of success. 

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